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Diploma Surveying Board Exam Question Paper Feb 2022 Free Download

 Surveying Feb 2022 Board Exam Question Paper

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Surveying is the process of measuring and mapping the Earth's surface to gather information about its features and to create accurate representations of the land. Here are some key points about surveying:

  1. Purpose: Surveying is conducted for various purposes, including land development, construction projects, mapping, boundary determination, resource exploration, and infrastructure planning.

  2. Types of surveys: There are different types of surveys, such as topographic surveys (mapping natural and man-made features), boundary surveys (determining property lines), construction surveys (layout and monitoring during construction), and geodetic surveys (measuring large areas to establish reference points).

  3. Surveying instruments: Surveyors use a range of instruments and tools, including total stations (electronic theodolite and electronic distance meter combined), GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers, levels, and various measuring devices (e.g., tapes, rods, prisms).

  4. Control points: Control points are reference points with known coordinates that surveyors establish and use as a basis for their measurements. They provide the framework for accurate surveying and mapping.

  5. Fieldwork: Surveyors conduct fieldwork to gather data, taking measurements and making observations on-site. This involves setting up instruments, taking angles and distances, collecting elevation data, and recording other relevant information.

Diploma Question Paper

Subject : Surveying
Department : Diploma in Civil Engineering
University : DOTE
Year : 2nd
Semester : 3rd
Medium : English
File Format : PDF

Surveying Question Paper Feb 2022 Download : Click Here

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